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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“We don't just live. We must live in a certain way.”

James Vukelich

Obviously these words have been a great challenge to me over the past weeks. This week, in my times with stillness and openness, I heard words that dug into my soul with a binding force. Again, what is that 'certain way'? It is a way that recognizes the sacred nature of all creation.

Who am I?

I am! I am a manifestation of a sacred origin, a sacred presence, a sacred eternal......

I am at a loss for words to describe who I am.

In my challenge for identity, I attempt to describe myself in terms of roles, purpose, productivity...... Mr. Vukelich, in his attempt to put meaning to the Ojibwe word “bimaadiziwin”, integrated the Ojibwe word of 'love' into the conversation. This is the reference point in which he acknowledged that our Ojibwe ancestors did not make attempts to describe love. Rather, they acknowledged that 'love' is an emerging energy rising from a source.



Mother Earth offers Her very existence as a perpetual experience with emerging energy. A seed held in my hand appears to be without life. Yet, at the proper time, that seed is planted in the soil. We them leave the seed to the mystery of Mother's care. (Yes, in our domestic world, we think we water and fertilize and nurture. In the end, we know that Mother does very well without us.) That seed will spread roots, emerge from soil into an energy that will give life, sustain life, perpetuate life. Further, whether corn, beans or squash, these will feed everyone without condition and judgment. These will feed prisoner or free, priest or thief, rich or poor, gay or straight. In Her sacred mystery, Mother will not pick and choose who can share in Her bounty.

Mother Earth, from Her sacred origin, provides that sacred energy as evidence of the sacred nature of us all. We are the sacred body of Divine energy, Higher Power, God, Allah, Gitche Manidoo..............

We are a sacred body! When any part of my body is hurt or injured, my whole being suffers.

My whole being suffers!

Today, my African American relatives suffer. I suffer.

My Native American relatives suffer. I suffer.

The children in cages at our border suffer. I suffer.

My sister in the hospital is suffering. I am suffering.

The water in Lake Winnebago is suffering. I am suffering.

As I recognize and engage in the Sacred energy of all of Creation, I cannot help but suffer. Yet in the mystery of Divine love, this same sacred energy is the source of our healing. We, as the carriers of sacred energy, are the medicine that is healing. We heal each other with our simple presence in Divinity. We actively participate in the emerging life as we share without boundaries, borders, prejudices and conditions.

Yes, I know my reality: I have boundaries, borders, prejudices and conditions. AND, I have you. You are my healing source of accountability, checks and balances, and oversight. Thank you.

This is my need for all of us. We challenge our limitations with the love that allows healing to emerge, rise up, and be the medicine that is changing our lives.


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