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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“I cannot just live. I must live in a certain way.”

James Vuchelich

James Vuchelich is a student of languages. He teaches Ojibwe language in the Minneapolis area. He shares a ‘word of the day’ on You tube. The statement above was shared as he uncovered a deeper perspective on the word: bimaadizi.

This word translates into: she/he lives. Bimaadiziwin is the noun form, "life."

I must live in a certain way.

This statement opened a deeper look within for me. James went on to share a life perspective that I have heard from several Aboriginal views. From my Ojibwe teachings, life is. There is no beginning and no end.

This has been difficult for me to grasp given my view from a finite body. This experience within this body is one opportunity to live. Prior to this, I was in another form – spirit form (for lack of a better term). From that spirit form, I was known by a name. I entered this human body and one day will return to the spirit form, my home.

I find peace in this ‘life perspective’. I relate to you in sincere oneness. Strip away all of these physical distractions and I know that we are. We are!


We are the wholeness of the life package.

I will share further on this in the coming weeks as I am drawn to a variety of life decisions that block the fullness of my relationships. For now, I invite your thoughts as we continue to explore our ‘oneness’.


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