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Beside Restful Waters

by Greg Hermann

“Someone took what did not belong to them.

That is why you feel like you do not belong.”


I heard this statement during a televised enactment of a Native American healing ceremony. The ceremony was conducted for a woman suffering from a traumatic violation of her person. I was struck, deeply!

“Someone took what did not belong to them.”

My soul immediately responded, sank, constricted, squeezed tightly, and took me to my historically safe place of isolation, shame and hurt. My trauma resulted in loss of self: childhood innocence, sense of belonging, feelings of worthiness.

Someone took that from me.

What was taken from you?

What was your emotional response to your violation?

These are deep and painful questions. I pray that you now have the safe places of acceptance and belonging needed for your wholeness. Please, go there, NOW! This is where you belong.

Where do I belong? Where do we belong?

Our healing occurs in places of safety and acceptance. Our healing happens in our circles where we are not judged or isolated or ignored. We provide these places for each other.

I am so very grateful to you who provide these places for me. As I write, I see your faces, feel your loving energy, and wrap myself in your warm embraces.

I do belong.

I do belong.

What was taken is now restored and I need frequent contact with you to know this healing.

You are the embrace of my Higher Power.

You speak the words of grace and comfort.

You are the Divine energy of assurance.

You are with me, beside restful waters.


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