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Beside Restful Waters

Imagine a Man


Imagine a man who comes to know his strength and uses his strength as a compliment to his relationships. Imagine a man who honors his strength as an equal in these relationships.

Imagine a man who respects his story as opportunity to learn and grow. He knows he can trust the lessons of his stories and applies these lessons as the strength of his character.

Imagine a man who respects the strength of his character and trusts himself to engage in relationships of mutual honor and humility.

Imagine a man who knows his beliefs and knows his image is the likeness of his divine Source. He is willing to live his purpose from his divine Source.

Imagine a man who celebrates his physical self. He knows his passions and desires as expression of divine dignity and respect. This knowledge guides his partnerships in life as mutual and interdependent.

Imagine a man who celebrates the physical changes during life. He is willing to celebrate these changes as he expresses the wisdom of his years. He accepts these changes and shares these experiences as his gift to other men.

Imagine a man who values the men in his life and offers them opportunity to share their life lessons, wisdom and experience. He is reminded of the truth about himself when he forgets.

Imagine yourself as this man.

Imagine a life partner who will live in honor, respect and equality with this man.

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