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A Word -- Webinige-giizis

by Gregory Hermann


James Vukelich, 2-11-21


‘the throwing away moon, February

Niwebiinaan indaakoziwin

“I am throwing away my sickness/illness”

What a great concept, approaching the end of the winter season with the intention of releasing my sickness/illness. Generations back, when our food needed to be stored for the winter season, often the food stores ran out and sickness and illness was experienced by this time of year. Thus, spring was a time to ‘throw away’ our illness and sickness.

This is also the Christian time of lent. This is a time of “throwing off” the sickness and illness of that which separates of from God, from each other, from our oneness with all of Creation.

As the new moon comes in to our lives, we can greet Her each night with an expression of throwing away, releasing, forgiving that which separates us from God as we know Her/Him, that which separates us from each other, that which heals all of our relatives.

Gizhe waddiizi taadidaa: Let us treat each other with kindness.

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