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A Word -- Ininaatig

by Gregory Hermann

A WORD -- Ininaatig

James Vukelich 7-6-2017


“man tree”

Maple tree

Mewinzha – long ago, Anishinabeg had endured a very hard winter. Food supplies had dwindled. Elders would starve to leave food for the children, the next generation. Grandfather, a man whose responsibility it is to protect and provide for the people, was in deep despair. He rested and prayed – spoke to Creator on behalf of the people. In his sadness, he asked for help. In the quiet, a voice spoke: “I will take care of you.” As he looked for the speaker, he saw no one. In the silence, the man spoke again: “I will care for you.”

The voice was from a tree. He instructed grandfather to tap a small hole in the base of the tree. He observed as a deep, rich, sweet, thick water flowed. This ziinzibaakwadwaboo – water of the tree – offered nutrition to the people.


He cared for, protected, and provided for the Anishinabeg.

With great love for the people, Creator again provided.

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