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A Word -- Nimino-Ayaa

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

by Gregory Hermann


An Ojibwe expression

James Vukelich



I am well, fine, good.

I can be at peace.

Ayaa: to be

Mino: good – at peace and balance

I am well, fine.

My being is in balance; I am able to be at peace with myself. I am in an environment in which peace and balance can occur.

How do I create, participate in, the environment that holds me in peace and balance, an environment of goodness?

Our presence in the Sacred Hoop of life is our contribution to a state of peace and wellbeing. The presence of others in the Sacred Hoop of life contributes to my state of balance and peace.

One aspect of the mystery of life is that I am responsible for my inner state of peace and balance. Yet we are related and contribute to the environment surrounding me.

Gizhe waadizi taaadidaa

Let’s help each other lead lives of kindness

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