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A Sign from the Divine Mother/God

by Michael Ketterhagen

Have you ever wanted a sign from God letting you know that all would be well or that your prayers would be answered? Or that you were not alone?

I was at that point on the Thursday morning before another long day at Froedert Hospital. I didn’t know if I could put up with the pain and agony of the “harvesting” of my stem cells in preparation for a bone marrow transplant procedure. I felt very alone and ready to quit the allopathic process, when I heard inside my mind Peter, Paul and Mary’s song, “The Song is Love”. It goes like this:

“First of all, I would like to say a word or two. I know you won't be thinking this applies to you But it's true and it do.

All your life You have had to sing your song alone Not believing anybody could have known But it's wrong and you know.

I've found a song. Let me sing it with you. Let me say it now while the meaning is new. But wouldn't it be good if we could say it together?

Don't be afraid to sing me your mind. Sing about the joy that I know we can find. Wind them around and see what they sound like together.

The song is love. The song is love. The song is love. The song is love.”

I started to cry. I was flooded with the awareness that the Divine Mother, my name for God, the Beloved Source of my life, was always with me. I knew then, as Theresa of Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, and many other Christian saints have said, “All will be well!” I realized that I had nothing to fear, nothing about which to worry. Sure enough, that morning when going to the stem-cell-harvesting appointment, I found out that the doctors had collected enough stem cells. I would not have to endure another night of horrendous side effects from the medical injections needed to grow and release my stem cells into my blood stream. I was going home at the end of the day.

I have experienced the Presence of my Life Force (another way of naming the Divine Mother within me) during my Vishoka meditation experiences, but now I knew that the Divine Mother is always communicating with me, always caring for me and urging me on. I know now that when I was not always aware of Her Beloved Presence in my daily meditations, the Divine Mother is always with me—now through a song in my head, not just an inner awareness or an inner voice. As yoga would say, the Divine Mother and I are one—“I am divine, infinite and perfect”. Or as Jesus of Nazareth did say, “The Father and I are one.” I just need to pay attention to all those different ways that my beloved Source of Life is “speaking” to me.

Now, I will look for all of the other signs from Her/God.


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