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Thanksgiving and Change

Change is hard! We long for permanence! We work hard to keep things the way they are, so we don’t have to experience the stress of change.

Yet, change is happening all the time! Every single one of our actions has consequences. Even when we do things the same way every time we do something, there is a consequence that occurs.

So, how can change be so hard if it is happening all the time?

Paying attention to the ultimate goal of our constant actions gives us a picture of the permanence that will come.

Can we truly rejoice at the ultimate direction of our lives, the ultimate consequences of our actions? Can we see the long-range implications of doing something over and over and over again?

“Yes,” says yoga. When we attend to the initial purpose of an action, we can learn where it will lead us. All we need do is ask the question, “Will this lead to permanence or impermanence?”

If it leads to permanence then we can give thanks because it will lead us to happiness and joy that will last forever. If not, then the action may lead to happiness and joy that fades. For instance, will the amazing joy of eating a microwaved cinnamon roll lead to permanent joy, especially if we do it every day?

Now the question is, “What is permanence?”

Yoga says that permanence is the immortality that comes from knowing and experiencing our true Self. All the joys of sensual activities become reminders of the joy for which we long. They become chaff in the wind. They move us to deciding what might really be permanent joy, but they can become no longer important. They become either a distraction during our journey to discovering our true self or an aid that is discarded later for the “real” thing.

Thanksgiving is a time for us to be grateful for all that aids us on our journey to knowing and reveling in our true self, and letting go of all that hinders that journey.

Above all, as yoga says, it means spending time with our core Self every day, so that the changes that we experience during the day and the changes that we need to make to aid us more firmly on our journey to Self can be seen.

So, the only change that we need make is deciding to spend time with our Self every day. Yoga calls this meditation. This is a change that is not hard! We just need to do it once a day!

Then we will be so thankful and so full of joy for we will be with our immortal Self.


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