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Time to Go Inside!

With the brisk and quick change in the weather these past couple of weeks comes the call by Our Divine Mother (Mother Nature), through the blustering winds and blowing snow, to GO INSIDE!

We are urged to change our daily patterns from frolicking in the sun and surf, to pursuing the tasks of preparing ourselves for quieter, internal things. The beckoning of the external world is giving way to the beckoning of keeping ourselves warm and cozy in our own homes and, symbolically, in our own internal lives.

Even though the often frantic pulsations of the coming Holiday Season are cascading onto us, this time of year is the most significant because it makes us deal with the ends of things—the end of the warm, loving Summer and the end of the colorful, crisp Fall. These dark early evenings and slow-to-brighten mornings remind our unconscious world of death. In this weakening time of the external world’s control on life comes the strengthening of our life of inner absorption.

We are asked to prepare for darkness so we can move through this mysterious world of the shadowy times of our year—and reflectively so, through the shadowy time of our future lives—to the light and brightness of the future. We get a chance, if we take it, to learn so much about our own inner world and what we need to peacefully understand as we pass through the closing tumults of these days.

This is the time to go inside!

This is the time to pause and give thanks for the fullness of life that we have experienced during the previous “sun season.”

This is the time to journal and make note of what we wish to remember and what we wish to learn, so as to prepare ourselves for the coming of the new flourish of life.

This is the time to awaken the life force within ourselves, so we can brighten the crevices and the dark corners of our self-ignorance.

This is the time to watch the bright light within ourselves shine.

This is the time to quiet the roaming, wandering mind and place it at the feet of our core center, the God within us.

This is the time to follow the Breath of Life through the nostrils, to the bridge of the nose, past the valley of the corners of the eyes, and into the core of our mind.

This is the time to meet our true self there in the core of our mind.

This is the time to make that daily journey so that we don’t lose our way as the approaching darkness and holiday time moves strongly towards us.

This is the time to come out of the cold and go inside!


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