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Beside Restful Waters

“So What?”

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault

Reverend Bourgeault shares her thoughts about “Welcoming” on a YouTube presentation. She offers her thoughts from her experiences of Divine interaction. Her experiences have evolved over her life of ups and downs with a variety of practices which have deepened her insights and perspectives of God, Jesus, and spiritual life. I have listened to this particular presentation three times. The last time, my being was brought to attention toward the end of her words. She said, and I paraphrase, when you get up off of your meditation cushion, “SO WHAT?”

So what?

Over the weekend, I was practicing a Yoga sequence designed to deepen my presence to a pose. I would complete a vinyasa, a short sequence of poses with breath practice, and ask myself “So What?”

Well, the earth did not quake and my mind did not explode with awe inspiring revelations. However, with each successive sequence, I began noticing physical sensations that I had not noticed in past practices.


Shortly after the practice, I had a drink of water. There was a different awareness of the life force in the water.

As I sat down to write, I ate a handful of grapes and noticed a deeper sense of gratitude for the water within the grape, the nutrition from the soil of Mother Earth, and the hands that worked the soil, the hands that delivered the fruit, and the hands that set it up in the store.


So what?

During the Yoga class last night, I offered this same question to the participants. We practiced a small variety of vinyasas, ended each with the same question: so what?

Again, no one shared explosive revelations.


I will continue to ask this question of myself. I won't limit the question to Yoga practices or meditation experiences. I will expand them to a wider variety of life experiences such as an expression of gratitude from my wife or others; a hug; a snow storm; a moment of anger........

In this question, I hear a challenge regarding the ease with which I take life for granted. I hear my Higher Power, my God, saying to me, "Greg, I love you! So what?"

Greg, I love you. So what?

I will hear this question much more frequently now as I experience life with each of you. Maybe you will notice a brief pause in our conversations, a longer linger in our hugs, a bigger tear in our sorrows..........

I am not sure what you will notice. I pray that I will notice you with deeper empathy, stronger love, and greater appreciation.


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