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Beside Restful Waters


How many different languages do we speak?

How many different ways do we greet each other?

Aloha: An acknowledgement that we share that same air, the same source of energy, the same source of life.

Hello: We acknowledge each other's existence, presence and being. Again, we share the same space, for all eternity.

Goodbye: God be with you. We acknowledge a Divine energy, and express hopes and wishes that we appreciate our Divine connection.

Boozhoo: An Ojibwe greeting that acknowledges our connections and relationships, all originating from a common source, a common being, with a common destination.

Those of you familiar with other languages, I am sure, are able to relate an expression of greeting or parting to the depth of our Source and Direction.

The practice of greeting is becoming, for me, a sacred moment of recognition of how deeply we are united, and the fragile nature of our relationships. I get so distracted by other stuff that I often do not remember the names of those to whom I am introduced. I do not appreciate the story that makes us who we are. I often approach you with my guard up because - because I have a list of things I am protecting rather than simple greeting you.

The transformation of addiction recovery and trauma recovery is so delicate. This journey makes me painfully aware of how my past has permeated me with doubt, fear, shame, anger - I have expounded on this in the past, as have many others. These are the things that keep me on guard, not trusting, not seeing who you are, and not recognizing my need for you in my life, in my recovery, in my healing.

When I experience our connection, no matter how briefly, I notice a freedom. I sense that a burden has been lifted for the moment. As I continue to practice these interactions, these heartfelt connections, I also notice more joy and peace within and surrounding me.

These are the fruits of meditation, of contemplation, of the practice of quieting my mind. We have many practices from a variety of spiritual sources, that offer us the opportunity to take time, make space within, and sort through the competition. I need to continue to practice sorting through the stuff that impairs our connections with the stuff that grows the space for our connections.

Aloha: We share the same air, energy, space.

Boozhoo: We share the same source, the same opportunities, the same desires.

Hello: You are here, with me, desiring a moment of recognition.

Splash: We are beside the restful waters.

Namaste': The Divine Spirit within me greets and honors the Divine Spirit within you and all of creation.

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