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Joining the Bright Side of Consciousness

“The Collective Consciousness is made up of good things and bad things. At different times the different aspects of Consciousness are more active.”

--Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute

Life is filled with both the good and the bad. Collective Consciousness, according to the Yoga Tradition, is a wholeness of all that is good and all that is bad. As Pandit Rajmani, implies above, this goodness and badness rises and falls, becomes more active at different times as life unfolds.

An important understanding, which I mentioned in an earlier blog, is that we participate in the making of the “atmosphere” (consciousness) of our world. We can influence greatly the environment (consciousness) in our homes, at our work, and maybe even throughout the world, just by what we do and how we react to life’s events.

We can let our fear and anxiety push us into actions that we really don’t want or need. Also, our generosity and kindness and determination to love all, even the challenging ones, can bring peace and joy to most situations. We can participate in the bright side or the dark side of Collective Consciousness.

When we actively pursue actions that move toward peace and gentleness, understanding and honesty, non-violence and kindness, meaningful work and supporting those we love, we immediately add power and strength to the bright side of Collective Consciousness.

Heaven knows that we need to move in that direction in today’s culture. We need to move away from any aspect of anger, worry, fear, destructiveness, dishonesty. We need to emphasize the values that bring light into the world.

In a presentation by Pandit Rajmani, he gives two suggestions on making a decision to join the bright side of consciousness:

1. “Don’t waste time brooding about or talking about the dark side of Consciousness.”

Mary and I have committed ourselves to not watching the news because it seems to emphasize all the negative things that are going on in today’s world. Sometimes we watch the “PBS News Hour” because it doesn’t get caught up in just the fighting or the animosity that politicians seem to have towards one another.

This means ignoring all that triggers and gives energy to the negativity in our planet today.

2. “Look at your own personality…and strengths and have a strategy for supporting the positive ways you can support the bright side.”

We as yogis and people who long for peace and justice in the world “are in the business of acquiring and embracing and resourcing the bright side of Consciousness,” according to Pandit Rajmani. When we are confronted with the dark side, it means organizing a positive response to any of those situations, not out of fear, but creatively enhancing and bringing light to the people and the places that need more brightness.

This is The Center’s vision. This is The Center’s mission. This is The Center’s work—to build up the bright side of Consciousness by providing life-giving yoga, T’ai chi, meditation classes and holistic health services that energize the loving power within each of us.

How can you join the bright side of Consciousness? What is your strategy?


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