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Beside Restful Waters

“The Lord sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor

And proclaim liberty to the captives.”

Luke 4:18

Luke’s words from the mouth of Jesus make a bold, but simple statement of purpose.

I have been engaged in several conversations with folks over the past few months about our purpose. Many of us are searching for our purpose. I observe this especially in my years of attending recovery groups and support groups of any kind. We all seem to be groping to find purpose.

In groups, I notice how we live out our purpose and maybe not even recognizing the simplicity of our gifts to each other. I see compassion in the presence of expressed pain. I notice courage in the agony of expressed fear. I hear wisdom in the midst of confusion. I sense peace that surrounds our sense of loss.

We live our purpose in our simple willingness to be present to each other in times of pain, suffering, joy and laughter. Here we are, together, living out the words of Jesus found in John’s writings, when he tells his disciples, you and me, that we will do greater things than he.

I see these things as we live the simplicity of our vulnerability, sharing the truth of our scars, exposing our weaknesses, and supporting our hopes. This is the purpose to which we are called, in the midst of our presence to each other.

A bit further in Luke’s writing, as the disciples were gathering with Peter and his sick moth-in-law, Luke states “they (the disciples) interceded with him about her.” I have seen several places in the Christian bible where people interceded with Jesus on behalf of those crippled, possessed, and otherwise not well. Again, I am beginning to recognize our power of intercession for each other. We gather in mutual need, share our mutual traumas, and leave a bit healthier.

I love us.

These examples are evident in the writings of any scripture that I have read, or stories I have heard. The overlying message I hear is that the God of our story is available and present when and where we gather in Her presence.

So, in humility and hope, I again share deep gratitude for the purpose we are willing to share with each other.

This morning, as the sun breaks through the clouds, I take my soul to a quiet pond and sit with many loving people who have graced my path. Here we are again, beside restful waters.


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