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The Collective Consciousness Mystery & Our Role In It.

As I have said before, I long to see the people of the world, especially those in Fond du Lac, aware of the reality of the divine life of peace, love and truth in their world.

This “awareness” is another way of saying “consciousness.” My “longing” is really an intention. My “longing” to see the people of Fond du Lac become aware of the Loving Presence of Mother Divine is an example of my intention that the individual Fond du Lac person knows that the living Presence of the Creative Source of Life is actively working in them and in their life. When that happens; namely, when an individual is aware that a loving, personal God is completely involved in his or her life and world, the consciousness of anyone else around that person changes. The collective space around the individual becomes charged with that awareness and it begins to alter the awareness of the other individuals near them.

It works in the opposite way as well. Notice what happens when one politician tweets something. Depending on who the politician is, that tweet gets the world talking and thinking about one thing or another. This group thinking is what we mean by “collective consciousness.”

The initial driver of collective consciousness is our state of mind. When our mind is in the state of love, peace, and trust, the collective consciousness around us is filled with creativity, openness, compassion, and growth. When our mind is prompted by fear, worry, a desire for self-centered pleasure and power, the collective consciousness around us expresses itself in actions of greed, control, competition, violence and insecurity.

This is how we change collective consciousness. When we as individuals change our mind, the environment around us changes. The individual affects the universe. We experience this in our own homes. The mood of everyone in the house, especially the mother or the father, affects everyone else. Quantum physics asserts this truth. Systems theory in psychology agrees. The Yoga Tradition knows and understands this as well.

In the Yoga Tradition, just a few minutes a day in quiet reflection or quiet attention to our breath, in other words, in meditation, can change the environment of the world. That quiet time has a ripple effect and will begin the process of transforming the collective consciousness of our home, our work, our neighborhood, our city, our state, even our country. The pattern of peace and love, which is our experience when we pause in meditation each day, rolls to all who meet us, and even to the ends of the earth.

We, even though we are tiny specks on a planet that is a tiny speck in the universe, are powerfully involved in the creative activity of Collective Consciousness. May we all learn and know that!


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