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Join the Practice. Change the World.

In a world full of unrest, fear, and doubt,

we need to reconnect with our inner light now more than ever.

-Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD,

Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute

I have always wanted to change the world. My desire to see the world as though it were heaven on earth, has driven me, and my wife Mary, to do many things that have been counter-cultural. We moved from hospital-birthing to home-birthing soon after our first son was born. Two of our children were home births. We home schooled our children for the first few years of their educational careers. We began living a simple, vegetarian lifestyle when the children were quite young. We began to grow and store our own food.

We even moved from Milwaukee to form a spiritual lay community with another young couple in order to prepare ourselves for the transformation of the culture. Little did I know that all that external, counter-cultural activity was driven by my inner desire for peace and love in the sustaining life of community. It was driven by my desire to “reconnect with my inner light.”

Well, during these past two weeks, I found that peaceful, loving and transformative world in the yogic community. While participating in the Sri Vidya Sadhana Immersion program at the Himalayan Institute these past two weeks, I began to understand the power of inner transformation and how that inner transformation can spread throughout the entire world. The Himalayan Institute started a year long meditation that has the potential to transform the entire collective consciousness of the planet.

While looking within through the quiet, peaceful moments of a meditation practice, we find a deep source of power, light, joy and freedom. We begin to settle into our deepest self and begin to let go of the animosities, worries and disturbances that are so prevalent in the daily outside world. Then from that place of inner peace we can move into the chaos of our time, bringing some calm, stability and hope.

The Himalayan Institute is facilitating this a Year Long Meditation with the goal of recording 1,000,008 hours of meditation from like-minded people around the world. This large critical mass of people will begin to alter the collective consciousness of the people in the planet. It will change the world.

Join us! Join the practice! All a person needs to do is sit quietly and move one’s mind inward to find a few moments of peace. You can use any meditation method you wish and can spend as much time as you need to bring yourself to that state of peace and quiet.

Already (as of this writing) there are 20,624 hours of meditation that has happened by over 5200 people from 91 different countries. This will grow rapidly and you will be able to watch it grow as you begin to experience deeper and deeper inner peace in your own life.

This is the true moment of transformation. The bubbling up of peace into the world because we have taken the time to let ourselves experience brief moments, maybe longer periods of peace within ourselves.

The meditation tracking link is:

Watch the hours grow and watch the world change! Join the practice!


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