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Beside Restful Waters

“We become aware of our deepest wounds and challenges when we seek to connect with other human beings and bring our whole selves into relationship.”

Lisa Danylchuk: Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Ms. Danylchuk keeps it simple!

Healing is about bringing ‘our whole selves into relationship’.

With whom?

Higher Power? God? Great Spirit? Divine Mother? Jesus?

Many of my readings and teachings lead me to One, a Divine Source of all of Creation. Creation includes all of it, all of us, everything/everyone who has materialized since the beginning before the beginning. The common writings and teaching are that WE ARE ALL RELATED.

We are all related. We are all connected through a common source.

The air we breathe, the earth we walk upon, the earth that nourished all, the water that hydrates and brings life to all, the air that inspires us all; the galaxies beyond the galaxies that give wonder to all; the microscopic cosmos with in each that gives form and function to all. We are all in it together.

With the evolution of the intimacies of our interactions, we begin to know how our stories connect us all. Our Truth reveals a cycle of life, death, resurrection – a cycle of healing. In our mysteries of healing, we are both patient and doctor, healed and healer. We are an awesome reality of Divine purpose.

This week, I experienced and shared an experience which challenged my identity, my purpose and my sense of ease and stability. I shared!

I shared.

We created a safe space for each other to share.

In the midst of fear, love, courage and tears, WE healed.

Who are we?

Today, we are a bit more humble.

We are a bit more courageous.

We are a bit more in love.

We are a bit more whole.

We are a bit more confident in Divine healing.

We are a bit more confident in our Divinity, our depth, and our willingness to take the risks to bare the scars of wholeness. We gather on our respective trail of tears and walk together – sometimes carrying each other, dragging each other, holding hands and hearts with each other. Our trails reflect our connection, our relationships, our needs, and our celebrations.

Take a moment and become mindful of those on your trail.

Express gratitude to this Divine reality.

Visualize our place beside restful waters.



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