Beside Restful Waters

“Christ was hidden again; indeed, through the years to come I would have to seek for Him, and usually I would find Him in others – and still more in myself –

only through a deliberate and blind act of faith.”

Caryll Houselander as quoted by Fr. Richard Rohr

Caryll Houselander made this statement above after sharing her story of her vision of Divine Presence that she experienced during a train ride in London. She was startled and awe struck as she looked at crowds on the train and in the streets. She saw God in the faces of all the people as she rode and walked among them. Then, the vision faded. The halos disappeared. Life seemed to return to ‘normal’.

Or did life return to normal?

I find myself reflecting on my first moments of sobriety.

These were not moments of being free of my drug of choice. NO! It was the realization that I had been free of the anxiety of addiction for a period of time. Yes, there was a sense of freedom that I did not have to fight for. I did not have to ‘white knuckle’ my way through a day or a week. How could this be????????

I have heard many others share this same radical experience. I have heard this from those with addictions or struggling in the healing of their trauma. I have heard this in relation to how each of us have come to know our Higher Power – by any name, religion, creed or spiritual expression.

I feel free.

During that experience, we seem to recognize a Divine presence, a Divine aura in every aspect of life. There is a miraculous removal of a veil that has blinded me from the ‘vision’ of God – everywhere and in everyone.

I need to pause.

I ask you to pause.

Have you had such an experience, no matter how brief or monumental? ………..


we come back to reality. We face the routine of family, work, hobbies, the usual stuff of life. The Divine seems to fade. The veil of reality returns.

However, the blindness is not quite as dark now. There is something inside myself that challenges me to keep seeking, to keep looking. There is a desire to have that experience again. Within myself there is the sense of Divinity. It may be a smoldering ember, but it is there, waiting.



Waiting for my deliberate act of faith.

Waiting for my blind act of faith.

Waiting for my honesty and courage to fan the ember in hopes of another radical.

As I begin to deliberately and courageously fan the ember, the visions begin to appear. Only now, they may not be so dramatic. There is a recognition of the simple sight, smell, taste or sound of Divine Presence.

A breeze.

A smile.

A hug.

A bird.

A storm.

A story.

I would never have recognized this vision. But today, in this moment, I notice.


This is our evolution of seeing AND BEING divine presence.

As we gather together in pairs, groups, forests, deserts and gardens,

be deliberate

be courageous

be blind

Be Divinely Present

We are counting on each other.

See you by the restful waters.


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