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Universal Consciousness Connection-Experiencing Community

In a world full of unrest, fear, and doubt, we need to reconnect with our inner peace and luminosity now more than ever. What can we do to counteract these destructive forces and replace suffering with joy, anger with compassion, negativity with positivity, darkness with light? Year Long Meditation, a global group practice undertaken to heal and empower collective consciousness, answers this call.

-Ishan Tigunait, Executive Director of the Himalayan Institute, Honesdale PA

Connecting with the inner peace within ourselves and joining with thousands or millions of others doing the same will connect us on a spiritual level with the Universal Consciousness that guides and directs our existence. The Himalayan International Institute, which supports The Center, is organizing a year of continuous meditation for peace and justice within the entire planet. This practice begins with the consecration and dedication of a Sri Vidya (The Highest Knowledge) Shrine in Honesdale, PA, on July 16th. The year-long meditation practice will be an opportunity for all of us who feel alone and disconnected from the Source of life to join in community with thousands, maybe millions, of others seeking a new direction in our world today.

The Center is participating in this continuous meditation (called akhanda japa) during this next year, from July 16, 2019 to July 16, 2020. The Center’s celebration of its 20th year of service to the Fond du Lac Community, planned for April 25, 2020, also happens within that year of meditation.

During that year, The Center becomes, intentionally, part of a critical mass of meditators who long for an end to the suffering, anger, negativity and darkness in today’s world. Every morning The Center will open with two traditions of prayer—the Yogic/Vedic Tradition and the Catholic/Christian Tradition.

A few blogs ago, I wrote about the morning prayers of the Yoga Tradition and almost a year ago I wrote about the Prayer of St. Francis. Both of these prayers will precede a time of meditation for all present at The Center. The prayers will begin at 8:15 am. This will connect The Center with the worldwide groups/individuals who long for joy, compassion, positivity and light.

Please join us in whatever meditative method you prefer in this very important and vital movement of our planet. We are at a significant crossroads in many areas of earthly life—environmentally, economically, socially, spiritually, and politically. We must align with the Divine Consciousness of the Universe to heal the world and move us into a future of peace, well-being and diverse unity.

As a side note, this Year Long Meditation is very similar to a number of other spiritually continuous activities on the planet today. Every minute of every day the saints and sages in the Himalayan mountains are meditating for peace and harmony. Every minute of every day there is the celebration of Catholic ritual called the Eucharist (meaning Thanksgiving) happening throughout the world. Also, in every minute of every day in La Crosse, WI, the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, pray and meditate. They have been doing that for almost 100 years. Even in Fond du Lac’s Holy Family Catholic community, a number of people maintain continuous prayer and meditation from 6 am to midnight at Sacred Heart Center.

So, many others will be “praying” or meditating with us for the needed transformation of ourselves, our cultures and our commitments to the way we live.

Please consider joining us in meditation in your own home for at least 5 or 10 minutes a day. We will enable the Divine Consciousness to speed up Its transforming work in today’s world.

See this link for more information and the ability to sign up for the Year Long Meditation sponsored by the Himalayan Institute.


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