Beside Restful Waters



How should we define respect?

I find it easier to approach respect from the opposite perspective: LUST

The usual perspective of lust is sexual. However, one of my counselors and elders asked me about my relationship to food:

Do I take this food merely to feed my appetite for pleasure?

Do I take this food as a basic necessity for life?

Do I take this food, recognizing that each item of food has surrendered to its purpose, to die, to give me life in its fullness, to share the energy of the universe so I may, in turn,

contribute to the energy of the universe?

Let's take a spiritual approach as well. What is prayer?

A demand of my Higher Power to meet my wants and needs?

A request of my Higher Power to assist me and those around me to end suffering and pain?

A surrender to my Higher Power, in silence, to the awakening of the inner dialogue that changes my mind about the reality right in front of me, to a recognition of pain and suffering as the necessary journey toward truth and joy?

We have an opportunity for transformation of consciousness that can only occur with surrender. This transformation is a life time experience, which I find as my ultimate challenge of surrender and patience.


Now there is the ultimate statement of lust: I, I, I, I want it - now, now, now, now............





These experiences happen in the practice of chastity: in the practice of surrendering myself, my ego, to the possibility that your joy will transform me to a state of joy. How is this possible?

This experience is beyond understanding. At least I have no words for it. I know that courage is a key element simply because I don't know, and what is more frightening than the unknown. Trust: Others offer a glimpse of results of their transformations - the hundreds of sober people I have met live a joy I had never known. Their stories were leaps of faith and expressions of courage.

So, back to the original topic: Chastity. An act of surrender with the intent of elevating another as a treasured gift of Higher Power, with gratitude beyond words. An act of surrender allowing Higher Power to change my mind about the reality right in front of me. A practice of gratitude until I become gratitude itself. A willingness to enter in to the process of transformation.

I surrender to your treasure.

I surrender to your Divinity

I surrender to an unknown promise.

I surrender to gratitude.

Beside restful waters.


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