Beside Restful Waters


Well, there's a concept that grabs my attention.

My initial thoughts go back to my Catholic education. I'm charged with a punitive reminder: "Just don't do it. It's evil!"

It? Sex? Evil?

Let's back up a bit. Just what does this topic have to do with addiction recovery?

In a word: transformation.

I am realizing that I am going through a monumental transformation. I am also recognizing that there is a transformation occurring in Christianity as well, at least according to my study in the recent few years.

How do you define chastity?

My Google search revealed this: The state or practice of refraining from extramarital, or especially from all sexual intercourse.


That is just plain damn scary!

One of the Niyamas of our yoga world is 'saucha', purity. A deeper look in to the concept of chastity is the same. Purity: single minded, focused on one purpose. From a spiritual perspective, the term refers to being of one mind, or single minded with focus on our Higher Power, God.

I come back to the impact of the practice of purity/chastity in relation to my recovery. My addictive mind was NOT focused, period. I could not conceive of being of one mind with anything other than the object of my addiction. Hmmmmmm?

What if I change the object of my desires from an addictive substance or behavior to a healthy substance or behavior. This is the precise nature of recovery from addiction and other trauma. I define my addiction - and this is more than identifying the substance or behavior to which I am addicted. This required that I study my entire lifestyle physically, emotionally and spiritually. (sound familiar yogis)

The 12 Step process is a structured self-study. I have worked with other forms of self-study as well. Each is very similar. What is the nature of my addictive or traumatic focus? Why? How do I prioritize my transformation, the focus - purify my being?

That sounds easy, but we all know better. We know how much work it takes to shake the foundation of addictive or traumatic lifestyles and sustain change. Yet, purity is the foundation of the work.

There is a lot to ponder regarding this topic so stay tuned. I have to admit that it has been a critical part of my recovery, both purity of life style, and chastity from its sexual perspective so I am looking forward to some further revelation over the next few weeks.

Thanks for being here. Personally, with this topic, the waters are not really clear today. But, we will get them clearer along the way.


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