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Beside Restful Waters

“The plan is not only that would each human being be “saved” individually, but also that we humans, working together as one family, would consciously cooperate in the creative work of this Universal Being. We are invited to be an integral part of that project.”

Louis M. Savary: The New Spiritual Exercises


I have read and re-read these words several times trying to make some sense of them. I find these words to be heady and heavy.

Yet, I ponder.

I breath.

I rest in stillness.

Every teaching I have learned from my Native American ancestors reflects that we should be “humans, working together as one family, would be consciously cooperating in the creative work of this Universal Being/Great Spirit.” Further, we include every aspect of creation – the rocks, the trees, the four-legged’s, the winged’s, the swimmers........... We are all designed to participate in our ongoing creative process.

The ancients of our Yoga philosophy communicate the same divine intention: Creation is an evolving process, all inclusive, intended to unite the ages past to the future ages, through each of us individually and collectively, for an eternally divine purpose. In our classes, we share a common source of ease and stability.

As I continue the study of Christianity, I am learning that the 'Christ Project' is no different. 'Our Father' is our common source of faith, hope and love. We are meant to collectively participate in the Body of Christ.

Another common thread is an historic tendency to individualize the Divine Plan in to an evacuation plan with a final exam that gets us in to a heaven or hell. We have devolved into a dualistic mindset that imprisons our creativity and ability to evolve in our divine relationships and potentials.

So, where does recovery fit in to the clouds of these perspectives?

I'll start at the beginning, with step 1 of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. (I am finding Mr. Bill and Dr. Bob envisioned this evolution process of our sobriety.)

Step 1: WE................. 'nuff said.

Sobriety is about us. I cannot obtain sobriety or sustain sobriety alone. The plan is that WE come together in our brokenness and collectively 'raise our eyes from shame to grace'. Sobriety begins with an “ invitation to be an integral part of this[the sobriety] project”. The 'steps' are one option which organizes the sobriety project for us. As we begin to practice the steps, especially 10, 11, and 12, we expand our experience to a growing perspective our own potential and the potential of our society in sobriety. The lines of religious denomination begin to disintegrate, the boundaries of our 'God' perspective begin to expand, and the truth of grace and forgiveness begin to work more deeply in to our beings. We discover an explosion of previously unknown life. We experience a “big bang” of sober energy previously unknown.

There is almost a psychosis of realization because this Universal Being, Great Spirit, God just does not make sense. I/we, an addict with a history of shared pain, shame and worthlessness, gradually recognize the insane beauty of forgiveness, healing and grace. Many times, we have a difficult time finding someone to share this with. So, we look about to others who have shared our history, shared our healing together, and gather together beside some restful place.

Many of us gather beside restful waters.

Many of us express the spirit of courage, enough to bare our stories and souls.

Many of us come to the silence in the outrageous reality of sobriety.

Many of us are able to rest in the silence of our brilliant birthing, evolution, and devotion to this life style.

Many of us recognize that this life style is an ongoing spiritual exercise, practiced as an individual for the benefit of us all.

We rest in gratitude.


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