No More Darkness!

“It is important for me to bring everything out into the light. No more darkness!”

--Ken Moncrief

“Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya”

“Lead me from darkness to light.”

--Morning prayer of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

When Ken first said this to me one day before yoga class, his words reminded me of the morning prayer that we say at The Center—“Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya” (Lead me from darkness to light.) His words also reminded me of what I see happening in our universe. We are moving from darkness to light (and not just because the days are getting longer).

Many people in their own consciousness are saying and doing light-filled things, even though it seems like much pain and darkness is in today’s world. I have witnessed the Divine Mother leading us from darkness to light in many powerful and subtle ways.

In politics, people are beginning to see the real issues for the salvation of the planet and human endeavors, rather than continuing to let political lies cover up those important truths of justice, peace, equity, tolerance, mercy and sustainability.

In relationships, more and more men and women are waking up to the blessings of the differences between them instead trying to mold the other in their likeness.

In food and nutrition, more and more people are eating a plant-based diet and making themselves and the planet more sustainable. I see young parents buying locally grown, organic foods and monitoring the sugar intake of their children.

In the area of global climate change, large numbers of school-aged children are challenging the older generation to do something very soon about the way we are heating our houses and our planet.

In our mental health world, people are starting to act positively through exercise, yoga, and meditation instead of pushing their anger and frustration inward toward depression and isolation.

One global example of action that moves beyond darkness and beyond despair and depression is the Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg. She said that when she heard the gloomy predictions of the global climate scientists, she got very depressed. The only way she could overcome that depression, the only way she could move from darkness to light, was to act on her anger and worry. She began practicing the Law of Karma, the Law of Action. She did what she could. She stood on strike from school every Friday. With strike sign in hand she made her anger known while standing in front of her Swedish city hall building every Friday. The life of the planet was more important to her than her high grades in school.

When Ken originally said that he was going to bring everything out into the light, he was referring to his action of sharing the frustrations, disappointments, sadness’s in his life and not stuff them back down as though they weren’t important. He decided to move from the darkness to the light. He listened to his morning prayer to the Divine Mother, “Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya”, (Lead me from darkness to light).

Let’s continue to follow our deepest desire of moving to the light.


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