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Beside Restful Waters

"Only when this tranquility is in place, can there be action that does not merely add to the hyper activity of the world."

Francis X. Clooney, SJ.

Only when this tranquility is in place.

What tranquility are we talking about?

Another question to start us off: what is the source of your Spiritual direction?

We have many different sources that direct the evolution of our unique Spiritual path. (I have to digress for a moment. I find it interesting that there is such a major emphasis on our unique, individual path in many of our discussions. What I find so interesting is that as I evolve in to my unique identity, I find myself more and more grateful for the intensity of my interconnection with you and all of Creation. Hmmm!) I have been immersed in Roman Catholicism, Ojibway Native American Spirituality, and Yoga Spirituality. I have also read from other Spiritual perspectives. Everyone of these sources of direction emphasizes a form of tranquility:

Be still, and know that I am God.

Quiet the mind.

Be in the presence of Mother Nature.

I am sure that all of us have heard the wisdom of knowing a peaceful mind. Yet so many of us struggle to find time, take time, and practice time in silence. Yet, regardless our sources, we hear a call to stillness. We are challenged to make such time, for example: If you don't have time for 20 minutes of quiet each day, then take 60 minutes.

I know as I write that there are pangs of guilt coursing through me. I commit to taking these 20 minutes. Yet there are times that worldly hyperactivity wins the moment and the day.

Hyperactivity seems to be the norm of those I have met who struggle with addiction recovery and trauma recovery. Many of our meetings and individual discussions take on an electricity, an energy that results in chaos of the mind rather than peace of mind.

Where do we go?????????????


How many times have we been told to simply look within? For me, at least a zillion. At least a zillion!

Here is the crazy part. The deeper inside I go, the more connected I am to you. The more, quiet time I experience, the louder your presence becomes. We seem to connect, and with that connection the hyperactivity of the world eases - just a bit. BUT, being inside of me brings me more at ease with you.

God, you are a funny one. This just doesn't make sense.

Ahhh! Greg! Don't try to make sense of me. I'm too big for you. But My love for you has no limits. You see it in all My people, and we are many.

I have to rest with this God statement for a few breaths.

God is too big for me, yet there He and She are.

In your tears.

In our shared pain.

In our confessed fear and vulnerability.

In our willingness to come together.

In the cool morning dew.

In the fullness of the harvest moon.

In the rage of the storm.

In the breath of the cedar.

Let's do it!

Let's take one, five, or twenty minutes of tranquility and see who shows up with us.

As you know, my tranquil place is beside restful waters.

Where is yours?

Let me know. I'll join you there.


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