Our Mission: TO LIVE

Every single human being has a mission. Every single human being has a purpose. We are created for one purpose alone. In our earthly journey every one of us is born TO LIVE!

The confusion about our purpose and mission in this human life is answering the question: how am I supposed to live in order TO LIVE? What attitudes am I to have in order TO LIVE? What career am I to garner in order TO LIVE? In what daily activities am I to involve myself in order TO LIVE?

Yoga’s simple answer is: SURRENDER TO LIFE!

What does yoga mean by “surrendering to LIFE”? Yoga says that we are not here on earth to perform any particular activities. We are not here to have a particular career. We are not here to have particular beliefs. We are here on earth to do whatever the SPIRIT (our consciousness, our core self, God-within) wants us to do. Our deepest self knows our purpose is to do whatever it takes for us to join our physical and mental self with the Source of Life, the Spirit of God. Yoga says this can be done before our physical death occurs.

How am I supposed to get back to the Spirit of God within me? How do I get back to my Source of Life, which is my mission?

Again, Yoga says: SURRENDER!

But, as humans, we live in a physical and mental world. We are physical and mental beings and we have to deal with that real world. We are not just airy, fairy spirits. So, what does it mean to surrender to this real physical and mental life around me and return eventually to oneness with the Spirit of Life (God)?

When I ask that question, I realize that I am, as yoga says, living in the unreal world because I am dividing myself into parts. We do not have physical, mental and spiritual parts. The real world, says yoga, is the unity of body/mind/spirit. Never, am I separated from God (The Spirit of Life/The Source of Life). This physical and mental world in which I act and think is one with divine life. All I need do is open my eyes and see that divinity’s presence. In Christianity, this is symbolized by the experience of being God’s Beloved child. That intimate relationship can never be divided, even when that intimacy might be denied.

I have learned that the challenge for us humans is not spending enough time removing ourselves from the physical and mental activities of being human. I was not doing what I was supposed to do in life to get back to God because I was listening to the wrong voices. I was listening to my friends and relatives, my teachers and the world of making money and finding prestige, instead of doing what I longed to do. I longed to share my knowledge with others. I longed to be one with another human being. I longed to be one with God. I longed to participate in the building of the Kingdom of God on earth; in other words, to create and develop a community of people who would be living LIFE IN UNION WITH GOD. Those deep longings led me to the career of teaching, my marriage to Mary, my practice of meditation and spiritual study, and to the establishment of the Grain of Wheat Community, a religious lay community in the Kettle Moraine. I found my purpose and meaning, my vocation, my mission by SURRENDERING TO THE DEEPEST LONGINGS AND GROANINGS OF GOD’S SPIRIT WITHIN ME. I surrendered to the life within in order TO LIVE!

That is the way of yoga; namely, listening to our deepest longings and spending time alone with ourselves to allow those longings to develop and crystallize into a purpose and mission in this human, earthly world. I am convinced that meditation and contemplative reflection are necessary practices for all of us humans in order to find our mission, in order TO LIVE. Namaste’

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