Beside Restful Waters

"Time heals all things. I realize now that I need to be part of that time."



I was sitting in discussion with a friend when she shared the cliche "Time heals all things". My initial response was one of disgust as cliches usually remind me of my history of lame excuses I use instead of taking responsibility for my stuff, for my issues in life. When faced with my need for responsible action, a cliche' was a good way to end the conversation and get me off the hook, so I thought.

In this situation, however, she finished with the zinger: "I need to be part of that time."

I need to be part of that time!

I need to be part of the solution!

I need to stop making excuses and take action!

Her statement was a stark reminder of how powerful my skill of denial really is. I believed that a wise cliche would make me sound profound, as though I was actually working the lifestyle of sobriety. She made me realize how easy it is to get in to a rut that leads me to the laziness of habit and convenience rather that the need to continue to live the raw reality of the work of sobriety, of health of mind, body and spirit.

The raw reality of the work of sobriety:

I need to engage, with ardent effort, in the practice of study with contemplation.

I need to engage, with ardent effort, in the mindful practice of relationships which challenge the ongoing evolution of my sobriety.

I need to engage, with ardent effort, in the acceptance of the gifts of grace from my God who continuously offers people and situation that demand my honesty.

I need to engage, with ardent effort, in the practice of serenity, courage and wisdom lest I take God's grace for granted.

As I set my intention to be engaged in these life experiences, I sense of subtle sense of peace envelope my being. I am realizing that in my addiction, I would have never acknowledged my friend's words of wisdom, let alone sit and ponder them. This is a powerful realization that gives further credibility to her wisdom, and the grace of our relationship. These realizations can only be possible in the raw reality of sobriety.

Where are you as you recognize your raw realities? I am entering my 19th year of recovery yet the above challenge came from a friend who is quite new in her sobriety. This reminds me of the importance of knowing the sacred value of each person who dares to share his or her story in our collective recovery. I recall how many time that I felt unworthy to sit in a meet with so many 'successfully sober people' when I was in the early years of my recovery. Now, with these years behind me, I am finding challenge from the people new in their recovery and at every level of the raw reality of sobriety.

Where ever you stand on your path in our life of growth, I thank you. We are all needed. We are in an addicted society. Our society will continue to be healed one person at a time. You know the cliche; it takes a village? Well, I believe that the healing of each individual occurs within a village. Each village is a part of the greater society. We, in our collective ardent efforts to sustain our sobriety, will contribute to the healing of our society as a whole.

Again, I am humble and grateful to engage in our journey of health of mind, body and spirit. We are part of that "time" that heals all things. We are healing all things.

Thank you again.


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