Beside Restful Waters

"I had to set my ego aside."


I met Blanch yesterday for the first time. It was during a phone conversation between my good friend and Blanch. They were discussing their no-so-chance meeting while Blanch was playing flute under a bridge somewhere in Florida. Blanch is a gentle woman in her mid 40's, I guess. She learned to play the flute four years ago. She explained that she had been moved to her soul when she had listened to a jazz musician who played flute. She had to take the risk and ask if he would teach her to play the flute. His response was yes, under one condition: she must not question his teachings.

"I had to set my ego aside."

During our conversation, she shared how her fledgling music career has moved listeners to tears. She was invited to play for hospitalized babies. Nurses reported that her music often settled the sick, little ones.

What are my risks when setting my ego aside?

I am finding how much space my ego takes up. My ego can fill my entire being. Those of us enjoying any aspect of sobriety recognize that addiction is all about feeding ego. Every message of denial, shame, worthlessness, and easy fixes are spoken by ego. Fear is the voice of ego. What will I find if I set my ego aside?

How long do I endure the destruction of pain and shame before I take the risk to set aside my ego? For me, it was fifty years. You?

What are the side effects of ego?




Destroyed relationships

Clouded self-esteem


What are the side effects of letting go?






Vulnerability to being loved

Where do I start?

I recall Richard Rohr's words: "The most profound act of Spirituality is asking for help".

Asking for help is an admission of the need for someone greater than myself. Blanch is now a part of the healing process for children and adults. Our willingness to attend a meeting is an act of healing for ourselves and for those in attendance with us. Our willingness to listen is an act of entering into relationship. Our willingness to enter into silence is the risk of hearing our Higher Power.

What is the sound of your music?

Your tears shared with another in their pain?

Your hug?

Your time?

Your story shared with others?

Your presence?

Each time we hear the words 'thank you' is a reminder that we set ego aside. These words remind me of the need to continue to practice setting ego aside to allow you to enter. Each time I say thank you, I have set my ego aside and allowed you to do the same.

Thank you for your practice.

Thank you for your music.

We can have a concert by the restful waters. Our music will continue the healing.


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