Beside Restful Waters

“Those who continue to struggle are at peace!” -Thomas Merton, quoted by Richard Rohr

Where do these guys come up with this stuff? No death, no resurrection! Let pain be my guide! Experience the profound power of powerlessness! I get tired of being told that the only way to live fully is to die. Isn't there an easy way to live in peace and joy???? Yes, I am on a pity party. So far, no one has joined my party. How about you? Just last night a group of us gathered to share our stories of pain, anxiety, fear, abuse...We all shared another experience: the mystery of relief when we became vulnerable enough to share. We marveled in the collective courage it takes to just show up with each other and for each other. Together, we participated in a transformation that ended with an edgy sense of peace. As we left for our homes, there is a sense that our community is now a better place because of our vulnerability, our courage, and the simple gifts we gave each other – our time, our pain, our empathy. Our shared struggles are our sources of peace. Our courage is strength of hope. Our tears watered our seeds of love. Our waters are a bit smoother this morning. We did it again. We gave each other a bit more grace and peace. I pray we rested better last night. I know I did. I am grateful. Namaste'



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