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Recognize Life

As I was riding my bicycle to The Center yesterday morning, I found myself spontaneously saying hello to the construction workers on 10th Street. They were waiting for the asphalt truck so they could lay down a new section of the road.

My inner voice then shouted in my head “Recognize Life!” It was a direct command from the God within me!

So, I began to say hello to a neighbor sitting on the front porch and the other road workers, this time on Fond du Lac Avenue. I nodded good morning to a gentleman in the utility truck as I approached the corner of 4th and Fond du Lac. I was beginning to realize all the people that I generally just pass by because I am on my way to the Center or in my own head thinking about things.

I oftentimes ignore the streetwalkers, too. This time I confidently nodded and said “Hi!” to each as I rode by. I noticed that some of them were very shy and almost offended by my interruption of their thinking and walking.

I waved to the dog that always barks at me. The first time “he” did it, I almost fell off my bike. Thank God, it was on the other side of the screened window. Now, I warmly waved my hand, saying “Good morning! How are you this morning?” to the barking creature. The dog responded by barking all the louder. I assumed “he” was acknowledging that I recognized the powerful life within him.

“Recognize life!” bounded into my head again. I didn’t see any people. No cars were driving by. No dogs were greeting me. What life? Where?

Then I saw and heard a male cardinal in a tree up ahead. He was sharing his greetings with another cardinal behind me. Gradually, I began to notice other birds chirping, singing, crowing away as I rode along. A different sort of life!

I slowed the bike as I swam in that symphony of birdsong until silence poured into my awareness. No birds! No birds? No more life? I proceeded further and further down 2nd Street towards Main Street and I saw some more life—the light green emerging from the trees on each side of me. They were no longer just barren twigs. They were becoming laden with greenery. One even displayed the beginnings of magnolia flowers. Wow! How could I have neglected seeing that new life. After all, I had been longing for warm, snow-free riding and walking to the Center for over a month.

I felt truly uplifted as I entered Main Street. No plants there, but the busy life of the traffic running North and South on the street. I wondered how I would recognize life after I entered The Center before the yoga students would arrive or before anyone would enter asking a holistic health question. But as I entered LIFE engulfed me! I took a big breath and the God within commanded again: “Recognize the Breath of Life in your nostrils and realize that I am with you in this breath all the time!”

Wow! Thank you, Life!


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