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The Divine Mother is Rising!

The forces of the universe are in a battle with each other and they are beginning to balance themselves. The powerful masculine patriarchalism is being challenged by the universe’s powerful forces of feminine consciousness. In the ancient Vedic Tradition, the Divine Mother presented herself in very dramatic and awesome ways through the mythological figures of Durga and Kali. According to that mythology, there were many demons in the world who were making life very difficult for many people. Only the wealthy and the powerful who had communed with these demons were experiencing success and any form of comfort.

So, after much praying to the Divine Mother, she appeared in the form of a demon-slaying woman riding on a lion. She wiped out the demonic forces and prosperity began to flourish for all.

In the past few days, I have witnessed that Divine Mother slaying many demons in our culture. The Fond du Lac Area Women’s Fund held a luncheon last week at which over 325 people attended and listened to a former Taycheedah Correctional Institution resident. She challenged each of us to make a change in our lives in order to change our culture—“Say No More” to domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Then the next day, I attended a meeting at Holy Family Catholic Church about “Human Trafficking for Sex.” Over 125 of us were again challenged to be more attentive to the young women who are seduced into selling themselves for sex. We also heard the reason for such a sex demand—pornography. Holy Family is planning to address that male issue.

Because of #metoo, according to police officers, women who have been trafficked for sex are starting to talk. Of course, the #metoo movement nationally has given women who have been abused in the past the courage to speak out –especially against the powerful males of the planet—the males in the political, entertainment and sports worlds.

In the two events that I attended this past week—The Women’s Fund Luncheon and Holy Family’s Panel presentation on Human Sex Trafficking in the Fond du Lac Area—our Divine Mother is speaking up against the over-domination of the Divine Father of the universe.

Politically, women are rising as well. This election year is considered the political year of the woman, especially in some of the local elections like in Virginia, in which 10 women beat 10 men in their state’s assembly elections. Even the presence of the “Code Pink” groups is a sign that something very new is again happening in our world.

All of these events, to me, are not coincidental. I believe the Divine Mother is asking for more balance—more compassion, more justice for those who are suffering, more justice for women and children who have been greatly abused in the past by a patriarchal power that forgot its feminine side.

The Divine Mother is rising! Alleluia!


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