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Now Is the Time For Action

Spring is here and now is the time to act. Complaining about the weather and the soil conditions never grew anything. Sitting around and wishing that life was more pleasant for ourselves doesn’t make the children less annoying, doesn’t make the political scene less confusing and challenging, doesn’t make us filled with joy!

No, in order to see or experience all those good things that we want, we have to take the first step toward doing something. We have to buy the seeds or start them indoors. We have to make ourselves laugh, even though there is no joke triggering the laughter. We have to tell the kids that we love them and that we want them to be happy. We have to work for a political candidate of our choice. That first step will begin to make us happier and will begin to change our whole world.

That’s what the first sentence of the Yoga Sutras says: “Now is the time for Yoga.”

Just like the image of lighting a match in a pitch-black room changes our whole perception of the room, so will coming to one yoga class or one meditation class at The Center. It will change your whole perception of the world in which you live.

Why is that true? Because when we take just a little time to join our body, mind and breathe during a yoga or meditation class, we experience our oneness, our unity, even if it is for a few brief moments. We will never be the same because our Sacred Self (our Spirit or “atman” in Sanskrit) will introduce itself again to our mind and our mind will never forget it.

From that brief introduction, just like meeting a most charming man or beautiful woman, the mind will taste the joy of the moment and will long for another encounter, however brief. Our mind will be attracted immediately to continuing the contact with our wonderful, beautiful self.

So, no matter what is happening in our lives, now is the time to act!

Make Spring come faster and more clearly. Act on your deepest desires and change your world! Forever!

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