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Beside Restful Waters

“Keep me humble and honest, and that will be more than enough work for you.” -Richard Rohr

Is there such a thing as more than enough work for God?

As I ponder the zillions of requests I have made of my God, I am overwhelmed at the love and grace in the answers. I reflect on the thoughts from a few weeks back: “Grace begins when we dare to allow our prayers to be answered.”

Who has the work of being humble?

How do I experience grace?

I return to the paradox of accepting God’s grace in the moments of decision regarding my acts of humility. This is the answer to the prayer. I like to take credit for these acts of humility. Yet I discover that I am able to celebrate my humbling experiences. In this celebration there is a powerful awareness of grace as the substance of the humility. I become mindful of the miracle in moments of surrender, the act of humility. There in, I discover another of God’s creative revelations. I stand in awe of ongoing creation. I stand in awe of answered prayer, the work of God in me, in us.

Sobriety is the grace which offers me the opportunity to participate in the eternal process of creation. As I experience ‘becoming’, I am better able to appreciate your ‘becoming’, and that of the universe. This is the substance of the hope that provides the source of light and love in a world of divisiveness and fear.

Meditation offers the moments of stillness where our communal creation is present, and I rest. I rest in the peace and joy of knowing that we are not willing to engage in the fear and divisiveness that can cripple us with anxiety and anger.

So here we are again, resting in our united grace.


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