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Beside Restful Waters

“Grandma, what if the love dies?” -Gavin “Grandpa, are there really bad guys?” -Ainsley

Gavin is our six year old grandson. Ainsley is our seven year old granddaughter.

I shared a while back some thoughts surrounding Gavin’s statement following the funeral of an elderly neighbor. Grandma was explaining that while a person’s body dies, the love that we carry for them holds our memories.

“What if the love dies?”

Ainsley and I were walking to the grocery store after dark last week. She asked the question as we left our yard. A few blocks later, we passed the memorial for Trooper Trevor Casper who was killed a couple years back. “So, there really are bad guys, aren’t there?” The next day, Ainsley heard emergency sirens move past our house. She immediately folded her hands and invited me to pray for the responders and their victims.

“You told me to do this, grandpa. Remember?”

Yes, I remembered.

I also remembered being so consumed in my addiction that I would not, could not think outside of my own needs. I appreciated this reminder from Ainsley. I am grateful for the sobriety that keeps me mindful of ego, and the necessary relationships I have with a community which shares my journey of sobriety. These relationships are the living wisdom that strengthens the serenity and courage needed to live beyond ego. Community and environment are the relationships that support and sustain the evolution of sobriety of mind, body and spirit.

Earth, wind, fire and water: we share them with each other just as we share the same Source of all. I simply cannot deny the basic evidence of my Higher Power. I simply cannot disconnect from this reality. I simply cannot live without the joys, sufferings and responsibilities that bring life to life.

The practice of the 12 Steps is the practice of an unending journey. The practice of Yoga is the practice of deepening the inward direction toward the Source of the journey. Daily living is the practice of the expression of a journey that I cannot take alone.

The questions of the children are stark reminders of the energy we share as individuals, communities and nations. These children are connected to the eagles and the sparrows with juvenile awe.

Am I that well connected?

Do I share an energy that reassures the children that death and bad guys are not to be feared?

In these moments of sacred pondering, the simplicity of our purpose speaks volumes. The voice is most deafening in the silence. Beside the restful waters, we are able to rest, refresh, and encourage each other on our respective journeys knowing that we each color the rainbow to its glory.

Thank you


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