Each of Us Can Make a Dramatic Difference in the World

Each of us is extremely powerful. Each of us can change the world, even with just one word or one little action. Each of us have the ability to break the darkness of any situation with just a very small action. We can fracture the deep darkness of a house basement by just striking one match. That little light shatters all the murkiness and darkness in that dungeon of a space.

It only takes a little expression of joy and gratitude and a twinkling in our eyes to break the stoic expression on someone’s face. Every time I walk into a store through a door that is opened and held by another, I feel honored. Every time someone says “Thank you!” when I say “God bless you” after they’ve sneezed, my heart expands and is pulled upward.

We also have great power to bring sadness and pain (great darkness and heaviness) into the brightness of the day. One middle finger pointing upwards destroys any joy that another might be experiencing. One critical word to a child sends that child into a spiral of self-hate and anger. One shooting in a high school in Florida catapults trauma throughout the entire listening world.

Each of us is a very powerful being.

I have made it a Lenten/Yogic practice for myself to be a powerful light rather than a powerful darkness. I want to affirm the bright nature that makes me a spark from the Divine Light (God). Each of us can truly spread Divinity and all that connects with that divinity throughout the world. If we did that, what a bright, happy place the world would be! We can shatter the darkness by just a tiny action or subtle facial expression (like a smile).

Now is the perfect time of the year to experience how wonderful the sun is, especially after a gray or dark period. We each know how happy we are to see and feel the sun. Many Wisconsinites become “snow birds” for that very reason.

It’s the same with one spark of light that flows from our words or actions. We can truly break the darkness. I see it every time my grandchild laughs or even just smiles at me as I approach them.

Let’s use our tremendous power to light up the world, especially during dark times.


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