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Beside Restful Waters

“As they are, human beings remain unfinished beings. They must seek their own completion.” -Swami Rama

I am an unfinished being. Hmmmm?

I am finding a strange sense of relief in this statement. This sense of relief stems from the ongoing discovery of my Higher Power. I am thinking of some of the discussions between Papa and Mack that was shared over the past few weeks from the book “The Shack”.

During these discussions, there was an overwhelming emphasis on the limitations that we humans put on our Higher Power, our God. Papa (God) often challenged Mack, and me, to grow up and beyond our limited image of Her, God, Papa. I have tendency – no, I have a habit- of wallowing in my trauma, pain and self pity. Here, I can blame God for the circumstances that cause my pain, anger and self pity. I like it here because I don’t have to take responsibility for resolving my trauma. Seeking resolution, redemption if you will, would require fully entering in to the pain, fully experiencing my anger, and asking help to heal in the fullness of grace promised by my God. This, I believe, is a step toward seeking completion.

Challenge: my ego and self pity are totally opposed to asking for help. My true friends in recovery have a ‘no tolerance rule’ for ego and self pity. They continue to remind of the first word of the 12 Steps: WE.

With ego and self pity set aside, I can more clearly accept my nature as an unfinished being. I can ponder the cycle of healing which is never quite complete, yet provides ongoing opportunities of celebration of the individual cycles. These, in turn, offer the serenity, courage and wisdom to face the next growth experience.

So, how can I experience full completion?

Will I ever experience full completion?

Will I ever experience the fullness of God?

I am coming to recognize that there is just toooooooooo much God for me to fully know. I recognize this in the diversity of creation. Each human has unique talents and gifts to offer. Each plant, animal, tree and cloud has a unique gift which contributes to the sustenance of us all on this earth. What about the rest of the universe?


I heard my six year old grandson, in the middle of a discussion about the beauty of each bird on the river, say to me: “grandpa, I just can’t handle any more.”

I am with you grandson. I can’t handle any more.

I will accept my limitations. I will celebrate the diversity of us and the creation we share. I will honor each as evidence of a being who is Supreme beyond my limitations. I will continue to seek your energy with each cycle of healing I require. I will offer myself as a link to your being.

I will break in to a happy dance with you, beside the restful waters. We can call it our dance of completion.

The music will never stop.


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