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The Joy of Giving and The Center's Gratitude

Now is the gift-giving season and it is filled with joy.

Why is giving such a joyful experience, especially when there is no expectation of return for the giving? It is because when we give unconditionally, we are acting like God acts. When we give, we are bringing to our body and mind the awareness of our true divine nature. We are forgetting about all that we want. We are focusing on the other, which is a truly selfless action. This is the nature of God!

Thank God for this time of the year because we have the opportunity to experience our true self, the luminous and loving core of our being, according to yoga. In the Christian perspective, this presence of light in our hearts is Christ. In the perspective of Judaism, this is the light of Yahweh sustaining us within our beings just like Yahweh kept the temple light of Hanukah burning. In the African spiritual perspective it is the many lights of Kwanzaa, the Great light of the Universe in all its diversity. This is truly a time to be grateful and all the people at the Center know that. We thank the Source of life, the Source of this light, for giving us the opportunity to serve so many people from the Fond du Lac area.

We are grateful for 17 years of holistic health and spirituality service to the people of Fond du Lac. All who have entered our doors, all who have been in front of our classes, all who have donated time, talent and treasure to the Center’s service have helped us grow. You have helped us become more and more aware of our own goodness. We are very grateful to you all for so many reasons!

We are grateful for being able to teach yoga to over 195 different people this year at the Center, many of whom are regular weekly or daily students.

We are grateful for being able to teach yoga at Agnesian Healthcare with our teachers Sigi Columbia-Navis, Suzanne Boyle and Lora Vahlsing.

We are grateful for our work with Heartland Hospice, the Fond du Lac City and County Wellness Program, Holy Family Catholic Community, and Harbor Haven.

We are grateful for holding our 8th 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program this year, totally over 80 students that we have trained to be yoga teachers.

We are grateful for the NAMI and ASTOP people for being able to provide them with the unique healing benefits of practicing yoga.

We are grateful for teaching people how to meditate through the Monday evening classes at the Center.

We are grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga and stress reduction methods to middle school children and their teachers at Sabish Middle School and Theisen Middle School.

We are grateful for our Healing Touch Level 1, 2 and 3 trainings that prepare professional and lay healthcare providers with important Energy Medicine training.

We are grateful for the people using our free Healing Touch clinic every month through the services of Bonny Juedes, our certified Healing Touch Practitioner.

We are grateful for serving our military veterans with free yoga classes.

Again, we are especially grateful for all who have donated their time, talent and treasure to the Center. May your generosity continue to bless you with the knowledge that you are, at your core, a divine, loving being.

THANK YOU for all that you have done for us by letting us serve you in innumerable ways. You have helped us experience the joy of the divine within us.



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