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Beside Restful Waters

“Contemplation is a lifelong task of mirror wiping”

-Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr uses the practice of contemplation much like our Yogic practice refers to the practice of meditation.

I am coming to the realization that in my desire to free myself from the distractions which cloud my awareness of my Higher Power, I am the one who is the barrier. I am the one who is distorting the experience of Divinity, the experience of true self.

My struggle is between the Greg who has expectations which are the framework of my willingness to judge, and the Greg who has the head knowledge of freedom from self. Thus, the mirror of self gets rather steamed up with these expectations. The stories of my past have constructed the foundation of these expectations. The rest of the framework is built of my anticipation of the future. The struggle is with the challenge to rest in the moment and in the absence the past and the future.

The practice of breath is the foundation of being present to presence. We know that we can only breathe in the present. However, I must be mindful of the breath. I must be still to be mindful. I must be present to the Presence.

The reality of our Divine Source is not dependent on our recognition of Her presence. She, He is. Period. This is not a reality we can change.

Whew! This is humbling!

So, here we are again with the simple fact that Divinity is. We can be.

When we are, Divinity transforms.

When we are, peace is.

When we are, the stuff of life is wiped from the mirror, leaving clarity.

Please continue your presence in my life. Your presence is the clarity revealed in a clean mirror.

This is sobriety.

This takes me to the restful waters.

Thank you.


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