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Beside Restful Waters

“It’s so amazing that we have a God who wants to be in union with us.”


Amazing! Awesome!

Beyond word!

I continue to act as though there is something I can do to increase God’s love and affection for me. Yet the wisdom of simplicity rocks my ego. The simple fact is that God loved me before I inhabited this body. I am loved along my journey in this physical state. I will be loved in the next world.

It is not about me, period. Yet the paradox of God’s love is that She makes it about me. She offers the resources of the universe so I may thrive. She empowers Divinity in our union. We are the collective resource of Divinity. We are gifted with the resources of the Universe to incarnate Her presence. We are the collective channel of peace.



Sobriety is the gift that lifts the clouds and destroys the walls that separate me from our union. Our collective serenity, courage and wisdom are the source of hope in the presence of our divinity. Our union of peace is the incarnate gift to our world which may appear to be lost to consumerism and selfishness.

Yes, we have it. We have the amazing love of a Higher Power who will continue to express Her unconditional confidence in our union with Her. We can rest in this confidence knowing that when needed, we will be the Divine energy needed to continue to transform our earth into a heaven.

Let’s continue to be amazed while we are being amazing.

We will be the intended Divine union.


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