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Beside Restful Waters

“We are being drawn through and beyond mere equality into union with the divine, with ourselves, and with every other being.”

-Richard Rohr

In this daily reflection, Richard Rohr is addressing the core of prejudice and discrimination.

One of the most powerful aspects of my journey with the 12 Steps of recovery is an internal transformation that continues. I am also blessed to witness this transformation in those of my recovery fellowship. The Steps guide us into our personal union with our Divinity or as the book says, with our Higher Power. It is in this union that our beauty, serenity, courage and wisdom are revealed. The revelation gives birth to our sacred place and purpose in a universe that has been traumatic, painful and destructive. In sobriety, the wonder and awe of life appears.

From a yogic perspective, tapas (discipline) come to mind. Self-discipline evolves as I learn to focus my energy. I come to practice making choices regarding my will/intention as I direct power/energy toward that intention. Hmmmm? How do I direct my energy toward will, especially as I turn this will over to the care of my Higher Power? Would I then draw on the energy or power of that same Higher Power toward His/Her will for me?

I am coming to realize that this may be a step toward union with Divinity.

Union with Divinity is a totally different perspective on my relationships with you, especially if you are a member of a group which is the focus of my discrimination.

Nationally and universally we are in the midst of divisive rhetoric and behavior. The public response to mass shootings seems divided between those who look to protect gun rights versus those who believe there is a mental health issue being ignored. Sexual identity presents an issue seemingly in conflict with mainline religious perspectives. Racial identity offers statistical support to a national history of discrimination.

I find it easy to distance myself from issues of national interest. However, I cannot hide from you all. Each of us embodies an issue. Each of us personalizes an issue.


We are unique revelations of Divinity. As such, I find myself breaking out of the ‘box’ of supporting your/our rights to equality. I am being drawn beyond equality in to our Divine union. In a union, your pain is my pain. Your joy is my joy. Your sorrow is my sorrow. We experience this life with connected energies.

How does this impact my energy and will?

In the Christian scriptures, there is a story of a group of people who have a crippled friend. They desperately want Jesus to heal their friend but there is a crowd blocking entrance to the house where Jesus is teaching. Their energy is so focused on their will to heal their friend that they rip the roof off of the house and lower their friend to Jesus. Jesus, in turn, identifies their faith as the healing energy of their friend.

Will I rip the roof off the house for you? Are you gay, strait, lesbian, bisexual, black, Latino, an immigrant, an NRA member, a republican, a democrat, an addict, a convict, a North Korean, my president???????


Just what are the conditions under which I will rip the roof off for you?

I bow in humility right now. Each of us fits snugly in to one of these categories. Yet, collectively we possess healing energy.

We connect with each other beyond the issues and the categories. No, it is not even a connection. It is our union. It is our divinity that ignites the fire of our being, our healing, our power and our will.

Divinity ignites our common fire.

I am warm

I am humble.

I am grateful.

There is a warm fire beside the restful waters today.


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