Emotional Freedom

Last week, I mentioned that yoga would be the answer to helping us get control of our emotional life. When I referred to the Brewers winning or losing pattern having a strong influence on my feelings of joy or depression, it is only through yoga that I am, first of all, able to admit this, and secondly, able to deal with the reality that the external world of sports or other deeply engrained childhood patterns of thinking cause me problems with my emotional balance and the way that I relate to my loved ones.

YOGA IS THE ANSWER TO EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. Fortunately, we will have a terrific opportunity to learn about the details of yoga’s way to happiness when Luke Ketterhagen comes to the Center to teach on Saturday and Sunday, Oct 14 and 15. In his own words this is what he will be doing.

“We are all trying to discover the secret of life. We want to know who we are, what our relationship is with the world, what is the true source of happiness, and most importantly, how to live with purpose and without fear.”

-Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

If you are someone who has been dealing with a level of doubt, fear, uncertainty, at a crossroads in life or just plain uninspired lately than you don’t want to miss these workshops.

We will apply the time tested and proven philosophies and practices from the great work of Patanjali - The Yoga Sutra - compiled and codified over 2,000 years ago. In looking at the mind and its innate tendencies we may recognize that a lot of what we have done has minimized that love, trust, faith, power, intuition and strength because of outside pressure from society, family or culture.

Through these practices we can reclaim the pristine mind that is our birth right - happiness, peace and joy.

There are two days dedicated to this work. Each day will look at a different chapter in the Yoga Sutra so a clear, practical method for re-establishing our greatest selves can be uncovered.

Saturday, October 14

Samadhi Pada

Explore the philosophical basis for why we often might stay in a rut or not know our way out of a cycle of unhelpful thinking and living. We will look to the chapter dedicated to helping us understand that our greatest, truest selves, is our essential nature AND is attainable.

Practice and non-attachment lay a foundation for our process, our journey and our growth. But what does practice really mean? How can we practice with such busy lives? How can practice be done in a situation that is untenable? And what does it mean to be non-attached? Our world teaches us the more we have the better and more successful we are. So how do I reconcile with that reality? Are there levels of non-attachment? And are there specific practices that help me understand this principle in my life right now?

We will look at these questions and more. Come willing to learn. Learn to be open to the possibility of your greatest self. Know that this day and every day can be filled with small doses of happiness, bliss and joy; one breath, one thought, one moment at a time.

Sunday, October 15

Sadhana Pada

This chapter helps us understand our part in this process of spiritual, personal and lasting development very clearly. In these 55 sutras Patanjali emphasizes that there is a power that is awakened in us when we begin to look at our 3 essential responsibilities as human beings.

We must act. We must study. We must have faith and belief in our effort.

We have to perform actions in this world and due to our free will we have an enormous capability to do positive, constructive, helpful and transformative things. This is our number one responsibility. If we know nothing else we must learn that our actions and our choices are a powerful indicator for where we are going. Number two. We must increase our ability to understand how we fit in this world. Not only must we read inspired works and expand on our theoretical and philosophical understanding of how we work, but we must also begin to learn the practices that directly impact our ability to comprehend our own selves. What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths? What can I do specifically to enhance my strengths and reduce my weaknesses? And number three, we have come to a firm belief that we are not alone. No matter how life goes and happens – even in the darkest moments – we need to learn that we are guided by a force and love that is unconditional. The practices we will go over will support awakening that force and belief within each of us.

Please come explore these themes with me and realize that all of our actions done with an innate intelligence about how it will affect us internally coupled with a deep faith and love for what we are doing will bring yoga to fruition – the true union of all levels of our personality.

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