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Vacation—it’s where the seat is!

I’ve heard a number of people speak about longing to go on their summer vacation, but then in the next breath lamenting all the stress and the work necessary to prepare for the vacation—getting all the needed tasks done at work so that when they return they are not overwhelmed; getting all the packing details in order so that they have everything they “want” while they’re away from the rat-race of life; doing all the little tasks of securing the house, taking out the garbage, stopping the mail, etc. etc, etc.

It almost sounds like they wish they didn’t have to go on vacation.

I must admit I can empathize with these people. But then, I remember that I take a vacation every day—on my meditation seat.

If a vacation is an opportunity to refresh ourselves and start anew, then meditation is that.

If a vacation is to set aside all the worries of the past and have a joyful time free of those worries, then meditation is that.

If vacation means retuning one’s self to the tasks ahead, then meditation means that.

If a vacation is a time to be with one’s loved ones, then meditation is that time to be with our inner core, peaceful, loving self.

If vacation is an extended time that helps us to clarify our purpose and meaning in life, then an extended meditation does that clarification.

Alleluia for vacations! Alleluia for meditation!

May your vacation be a true meditation and may your meditations be a true vacation.


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