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God's Movement

“We believe that we are, first of all, a people, God’s movement in history.”

Richard Rohr

I think of history books filled with famous people who have made huge contributions to the advancement of nations. I think of the saints of our religious practices whose lives and writings have endured for centuries. I look at the political impact of many people on civil rights, individual and group freedoms. I enjoy the medical and scientific discoveries that have made my life healthier and longer.

My life has not moved any political, scientific, or humanitarian mountains.

Wait. Really?

I am sober today.

Individually, we may not put too much pride and honor in to our sobriety. Yet, we recognize the fact that sobriety is a result of healing within a community. Right?

Let’s visualize our sober communities for a moment. Mine includes hundreds over the past seventeen years. So for the sake of simplicity, I can say that my healing community included one hundred people. Each of these one hundred people also has a community of one hundred people. Now, let’s estimate the number of sober addicts in just our community. There must be at least one hundred. So, do the math: 100 X 100 X 100 = 1,000,000.

Wait a minute! There are not a million people in Fond du Lac. But I am in contact with friends, family, and co-workers all over the country. So…. This really isn’t all that difficult to imagine. Each of us in our sobriety is rippling our energy around the world.


Now, that is power.

Our 12th step is rocking sobriety in to the very fabric of life in our families, communities, and our world.

Do we believe that?

Do we live that?

Is our sobriety a life style of energy that is moving our world?


Think of our laughter and tears, our healing and our pain, our joy and our peace.

These are the very evidence of God’s almighty movement.

We are that movement. Period!

I am soooooooo very grateful for your sobriety, pain, laughter, tears, healing,………..

I am resting well, today. The waters are calm. Come on in.


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