Yoga and the World Religions

I have often been asked, “How can you be a Christian and a Catholic Christian, in particular, and practice or teach yoga?”

People have asked me that in many different ways. Some want to chastise me as a Catholic theologian because I was not promoting Christ as the Savior of the World but promoting other gods. They imply that I am not following the Christian teachings of the Catholic Church. Others ask me with a curious, inquisitive mind because they like me and want to know how I can justify the two “different religions.” And still there were others who are just confused about my beliefs and want some sort of clarification.

Well, it always has taken me a while to do justice to that question. Each of the different questioners, because of their initial intention, vary greatly in their willingness and/or ability to hear my responses. One of my family members didn’t even want a response because I needed to repent of my Yoga practice and return to the Church. So, I have decided to spend some quality time thoroughly exploring that question with whoever wishes to hear what I have learned and know and believe.

I am planning to give a series of presentations, Yoga and the World Religions – The Spiritual Connections, at the Center beginning Thursday, July 20, from 7-8:30 pm. The time will include discussion and a period of meditation.

In the context of the original question (How can I as a Catholic Christian practice and teach Yoga?) I will explore many questions, like: Is Yoga a religion? What is a religion? If yoga is a philosophy and science, then how does it relate to religions like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, etc? If yoga is not a religion, how can yoga say that one will experience God by practicing yoga? Is yoga a spirituality? What is a spirituality? If it is a spirituality, how does it relate to other spiritualities? Are religions spiritualities? If a person is a Christian, how can that person practice yoga? How does the Bible fit into the issue?

If you are interested in exploring my findings as a Doctor of Spirituality and Healing and curious about the conclusions from my theological research and my spiritual and intellectual journey, or just wondering about the “spiritual connections,” (the Sacred Link) between all religious and spiritual traditions, then I invite you to join me and others on Thursday, July 20, at 7:00 pm. I will talk about the Mystical Traditions of each religion as well.

Maybe I will see you then? No need to sign up. Just come!


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