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Glory in Recovery

“Rather than hearing about healing and redemption, we mostly hear about misery, relapse, and overdose.

This is not recovery.”

Tommy Rosen

In this statement, Tommy Rosen is reflecting on his perception of the public image of those of us who are recovering from our addictions. He notes that “The typical lifestyle depiction is also not pretty. One attends meetings where everyone is smoking cigarettes and drinking lots of coffee. Folks are batshit crazy. You hear the most awful stories of despair and you seemingly have to adopt an uninspiring way of life.”

What is your perception of addiction recovery? Are you struggling with recovery? If so, this picture may seem accurate.

Are you in sustained sobriety? If so, how does this picture compare to your lifestyle?

Are you someone whose life is affected by the addiction of another? (I believe all of us could answer yes to this question.) Again, what is your perception of the life of an addict?

What is your perception of someone who is living in sustained sobriety?

Personally, I have been in meetings with lots of cigarette smoke and coffee. I have heard stories of hopelessness and despair. I have told my stories of hopelessness and despair. We suffer the pains we have caused to others in our families, churches and work places. The addictive lifestyle is not a pretty place to be.

Sobriety! Joy! Forgiveness! Wholeness! Honesty! Compassion! Connection!

These are the evidence of the promised lands, the glories of the Lord, the peace beyond all understanding. These are the expressions of so many of us experiencing sustained sobriety. These are our contributions to each other, our community and our universe.

A new acquaintance once complimented my wife and I on the obvious joy of our marriage. Ann, my wife, gently stated, “This is what recovery looks like.”


I will carry Ann’s profession of the glory of recovery to my grave, and beyond.

We all live with challenges to our Spiritual stability, our sanity, and our sense of purpose. We live in a society distracted by an atmosphere of fear and competition and the push for individual success.

What is our response to the universal assault on our peace and happiness?

The 12 Step Program of AA is a journey of transformation. Our Spirituality within our religious denominations is a path of transformation. The practices of Yoga, contemplation, meditation, prayer, health of mind – body – spirit: these are practices of sustaining transformation. We are surrounded by the tools and practices which transform lives.

Each of these practices, in my experience, draws me in to a community of people who seek and/or experience a sense of happiness and purpose. It is in community that the evidence of our God, our Higher Power, our Divine Master is experienced.

In community I find you and all that you contribute to our transformation. I don’t have words to adequately express the joy and gratitude of our community. Therefore, I will share a simple ‘thank you’.


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