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Nature's Balancing Act

Nature always brings us back to Wholeness even when humans live in an imbalanced way.

Whatever your stance on the environment and climate change might be, one thing is certain: Nature (Prakriti) is very powerful. In the Yoga tradition, Prakriti and Purusha (our purpose in life, the reason for our existence) is to sustain life. If part of nature like humans seems to destroy nature, Mother Nature (Prakriti) properly brings the imbalance into balance through a cleansing or rejuvenating action (lots of rain, or temperature changes).

We humans may think that we are in charge of things and we may believe that we have the freedom to do whatever we desire, but in fact the “purusha of prakriti” pushes life forward and makes life happen, even when we perceive its prakriti’s action as destructive and death-dealing. It even does this on the spiritual dimension of our lives.

Like a note I found while up North in the Eagle River area during our family vacation this past week states:

“What else is there to do in the country [nature], but to go inward, listen deeply and act to stay in tune with one’s self, one’s relation to all, and one’s environment. The country could be the place for great inner adventures.” (Anonymous)

Yes, moving ourselves into the place where we do not seem to have control, where our powers seem fruitless pushes us into a place in ourselves where we must recognize that we are part of nature and our actions are not independent of the reality around us. Nature pushes us to reflect, to go inside, to realize our oneness with deeper dimensions of our self and others and the trees, ground, water, sky and sun around us.

When we harm that space around us, or ignore the greenery in our own places (like the plants in The Center or our home gardens), we ignore ourselves. When we forget about what we do to the land, water, sky and animals around us, we lose touch with some part of our self that could be a great adventure. We may lose touch with the divinity within.

Summer time—which starts tomorrow—is a great time to touch ourselves by touching nature around us. We could heal ourselves by doing nothing to harm the land, water, air around us. It would be a time for us to practice “ahimsa”, non-harming, not just to others but to ourselves by non-violently relating to the nature around us. We could truly change the climate in the outside world be changing our mental climate (thought patterns) within ourselves.

May your summer be joyous as you retouch nature. As you retouch yourself within.


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