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The Cost of Freedom


We all know that freedom isn’t free, right? Our Memorial Day commemorations provide an ongoing reminder of the cost of our freedom as citizens of the United States of America. If we delve further into the cost of freedom, we also recognize that many citizens of our allied nations have also contributed the blood and trauma of their loved ones to our freedom. Freedom is a global gift with global costs.

What is the cost of the freedom from our addictions?

I think of the price my family has paid for my addiction.

I won’t delve in to this now, but it must be remembered so that the blessings of my sobriety can be more fully appreciated. I have a tendency to take my sobriety for granted. We all know how dangerous that is.

Today, I want to stay blunt and simple.

There is no way to put a dollar amount on the cost of my sobriety. However, I will remember, with gratitude, the sacrifice of so many people: family, employers and co-workers, counselors, and members of the recovering communities.

I need to be connected, re-member, when I feel like skipping a meeting because I I’m ‘doing pretty well at the time.’ I need to be mindful of my responsibilities of my sobriety: to others in recovery who need to hear my story AND that I have never left a meeting or sharing without growth. I need continuous gratitude for the grace and love that keeps me grounded and sober.

Meetings, meditation, sharing, giving: these are the evidence of the community of love and grace that sobriety is made of.

It is so simple: we enjoy the freedom of sobriety because we are in this celebration together.

Thank you.


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