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Perpetual Mother's Day

Practicing tapas, svadyaya, and Ishvara pranidana is all we need do to attain pure joy and happiness! Developing our will power (tapas), studying who we are (svadhyaya), and staying focused on the divine joy within (Ishvara pranidana) is all we need do to attain pure joy and happiness! And simply doing that is easier than we think. All we need do is regularly spend time breathing!

I am laughing to myself. That sounds really silly—don’t we all breathe all the time?

I don’t know about you, but I often catch myself holding my breath, especially when I am pondering some idea, or doing something intense, or worrying about others or myself, sometimes even while I am exercising. Even now, while I am typing this I find myself pausing my breath. We often don’t breathe during the day.

Now, holding our breath is not a problem unless we are unconsciously doing it. When we are not conscious of breath retention, then the body, mind and spirit are not happy. Holding our breath creates a disturbance in our being. When we are aware of holding our breath and do it with intention, the body, mind and spirit are prepared for that and are then at peace with the event.

Conscious breathing and conscious living is the key to the happiness for which we long.

The neat thing is—in order to find happiness—we just need to consciously become aware of our continuous breathing. When we are always coming back to our awareness of our lovely flow of breath we are developing our will power. When we feel that invigorating flow of life in our nostrils as we move through the day we are learning about ourselves, we are learning about where the sadnesses and pains might be in our life, where the concerns and worries might be located in our body, and even what may be triggering our fears and aspirations. In short—we are studying ourselves. When we are aware of the endless support and beauty of our breath, we run right into the Beloved Divinity within ourselves.

So, all we have to do to develop each of these practices is BREATHE. All we have to do is pause our active outward-directed life and just sit and enjoy ourselves as we BREATHE. Then we will know joy and happiness!

I enjoy this so much that I have learned to relate my moments of meditating on my breath (I mean consciously paying attention to my breath), to the Divine Mother. Like my breath, the Divine Mother is always with me, always vitalizing me, and I love her! She has become God for me! And every time I sit and attend to my breath and I now believe that I am attending to God, the Divine Mother, in my life.

She has become my true Mother, always making me happy; always my loneliness antidote. Every day then becomes Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to you!


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