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Healing Scars

“Compassion and mercy come easily once you live inside the Big Body of Love.”

Richard Rohr: Meditation for 5-10-17

What an interesting concept!

My 12 step fellowship is a big body of love.

My Yoga community is a big body of love.

My church/spiritual community is a big body of love.

Where do you find your big body of love?

Where do you find your source growth, change and mystery?

These are some of the questions that came to mind as I read this meditation. Fr. Rohr was reflecting on the recent Easter celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He referred to the resurrection experience as “a part of the biggest ecosystem or force field possible – the Body of Christ.”

Interesting! A body of love is likened to a force field, an ecosystem. As I think of these, I am called to a vision of an environment of strength and safety. I envision an ecosystem of balance and security where a community lives life to the full.

My immediate miracle is the realization that I am living life to the full.

My childish vision of life to the full included an image of perfection. Today, I believe this image of perfection to be a symptom of a character defect which is part of my addiction. Today, my life of sobriety is far from perfect. Yet, there is a powerful sense of fullness. The imperfections, pains and challenges have left scars. However, as my sponsor wisely suggested, every sober one of us wears scars almost as badges. Each scar offers a lesson to those of us who are willing to share the pain of growth: honesty, forgiveness and freedom.

So check yourself out. Are you part of a big body? Does that body come with a collage of scars? Are you willing to allow our scars to contribute to your healing? Are you willing to contribute your scars to the healing of us all?


Our gifts of compassion and love transform the pain of our scars in to healing energy. These gifts are the balm of ease and stability lending to our community of love and compassion. I love this place where each of us is welcome, scars and all. Each of us contributes to a community which is beyond the reach of politics, division and prejudice.

Yes. I love this place.

We often acknowledge that our healing takes place in community. I pray you are willing to continue the contribution of your scars to my healing, to our healing, to the healing of ecosystem.

I offer my scars to you. Let’s take our big body of scars and put it to purpose: healing.

In gratitude.


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