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Faith in a Funk



Who is your Higher Power? I use the term ‘God’ to name my Higher Power.

This is usually the first word I utter in prayer. This makes sense as we typically call someone’s attention by name when we initiate communication, right?

So why this topic today? Here’s my story over the past 24 hours.

Monday is a day when I usually teach four yoga classes. My day ends with an exhausted celebration of the joy of watching others’ experiences of the healing gift of the Twelve Steps, yoga and meditation. Not so last night.

I got home last night and payed mindless lip service as I told my wife that my day went very well. We spent the evening a bit disconnected as we watched The Voice, then went to bed. This morning, my meditation practice was like a war of mind vs Spirit. This was very unsettling and carried into the morning as a distance between my wife and myself. There was a sense of mindless roaming as I went about the routine of breakfast, lawn mowing and other tasks.

A friend, suffering her own issues at the moment, asked how I was doing.

I had an extraordinary encounter with honesty. I shared the truth about my mental state.

WHAT A RELIEF! What a gift from my friend as she listened with her kind heart.

Following this moment of honesty, I was taken back to last evening when I ignored my practice of examining my day with gratitude, stillness, and openness to Spiritual guidance into the night and morning.

Further, as I ponder this experience at the present moment, I am reminded that even though my morning meditation practice was a mental-Spiritual battle, the result was openness to the opportunity to honesty and healing.

I find this experience to be amazing and humbling. The God of my relationship continues to keep Her promise to be my source of healing and peace. She continues to speak through the people who surround me from near and far. She is faithful in the face of my fickle, inconsistent mindfulness of Her.

Take heart, my friends. This is a simple and extraordinary example of faithfulness. We are so necessary to each other, as the God of my relationship continues to speak through Her creations. This is the result of the practice of our Twelve Steps, the practice of our yoga, and the practice of our individual expressions of Spirituality.

Thank you for helping me to keep my soul open, even in the midst of a funk. Please continue your diligent connections to your circle of life. We will continue to enjoy the peace of restful waters.


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