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Do Your Best

One of Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements is “Always do your best.”

In the Yoga Tradition that means living life with purpose and meaning. Doing our best is grounded in the reality that we are spiritual beings who are here for a reason, whether that physical existence is long or short.

In the western world people interpret our innate desire to make a difference in the world as doing something important in the eyes of another. Although the recognition that we receive from others is very encouraging and helpful, even when we just pick up an errant piece of garbage from the ground, or smile to another, or take the risk to go out of ourselves and talk to a stranger, joy wells up inside of us. That joy is our purpose in life. That joy is our meaning for being alive.

As Miguel Ruiz says, because we are alive we just need “to take a risk and enjoy your life. That is all that matters.” As my yoga teacher says, “We are aspiring beings. The desire to be better, happier, healthier, more beautiful and more powerful is inherent in all of us.”

All we need do is take a risk and enjoy our life. Life is a joyous dance that shines from our spiritual core. All we need do is let that spiritual core radiate through all our thoughts and actions.

So, take a risk and enjoy!


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